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Dining Chairs

Try mixing your existing dining table with traditional dining chairs that have a more modern feel. Look for styles that offer clean lines paired with on-trend finishes and fabrics as an easy way to update a dated dining space. Whether your home reflects a modern farmhouse feel or you are looking for a mid-century modern vibe, swap out tired dining chairs for an effective change to your kitchen or dining room. Often times, chairs are sold in sets of 2 or 4; making them an easy purchase.

Wishbone dining chair.jpg
metal dining chair.jpg
Farmhouse cross back.jpg
louis chair.jpg
mid century modern dining chair.jpg

White Bedding

There is nothing more impressive than a well-made bed. White bedding is an insider-trick to photo styling. It reflects light and dramatically adds life to any bedroom; regardless of the bed size, lighting or size of the room. Always prepare the bed in layers, adding texture with sheets, blankets and pillows. Don't be afraid to mix shades of whites, adding texture and interest where you can.

white bedding 6.jpg
white bedding 7.jpg
white bedding 2.jpg
white bedding 3.jpg
white bedding 4.jpg
white bedding 9.jpg

Round wall mirror

Add a modern touch to any space with a round wall mirror. Whether you choose one for the foyer, above a bed, sofa or even bathroom sink; a round wall mirror will add a touch a modern to any room. Available in a variety of sizes and finishes; choose a natural wood frame for warmth, a black metal frame to add a modern feel against a white wall or select a muted gold for touch of glamour.

round mirror 4.jpg
gold mirror.jpg


Greenery adds life to a room. Subtle hints of green added in unexpected ways is a wonderful way to keep the room feeling fresh and current. Shades of green help bring pops of color to photography as well. Modern applications include high-end artificial pieces such as dried boxwood, succulents and preserved moss. Be mindful of the quality as nothing looks worse than waxy plastic! Try adding boxwood topiaries to fireplace mantles or kitchen counters. A wooden vase with magnolia leaves or a moss bowl on a coffee table are contemporary ways to include this natural hue.

succulents 2.jpg
moss bowl.jpg
magnolia leaves.jpg
succulents 3.jpg


Accessories are the "jewelry" to your room. Keep them subtle but effective. Allow your accessories to complement the larger, more structured statements in the space. Pillows, throws, books, ceramics & art pull the space together, creating a finished and polished look. Successful accessorizing takes a gentle hand. It is possible to have too much of a good thing! Choose one or two accent colors and use them sparingly. Mix with whites and natural wood textures to create a layered and neutral look. Silver pairs beautifully with navy or black; gold accents add a warm touch to a room. Don't forget about scents and how they accent a room. Accessories can be changed seasonally to remain current and relevant.

white vases 2.jpg
farmhouse beads.jpg
wooden vase.jpg
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