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Real Estate Staging To Sell

For the Darien, Greenwich, New Canaan, Norwalk, Stamford & Westport, CT areas

Decluttering & Organization

One of the largest and most daunting parts of selling a home can be the decluttering of everyday life. Whether it be a home office, back packs and sports equipment, collections of past travels or just a lifetime of "living"; every home collects "life". Hiring a stager will help to streamline some of the aspects of everyday living that the homeowner may not see on a daily basis. A couple of hours or on a room-by-room basis, a stager will pack away items that should be eliminated for a showing. A limited number of carefully chosen and  objects and selected pieces of furniture in a room will show much cleaner and direct the prospective buyer's eye to the home and not the current homeowner.


Liz Pensiero Staging and Design will work closely with the homeowner in assisting to eliminate unwanted and unneccesary items, pack away what will be making the transition and showcase the important items that will maintain the integrity of the homeowners property.

Home Staging

Home Staging serves many purposes, although most traditionally for real estate needs. In today's volatile and unpredictable market, homeowners must utilize every possible resource available to attract prospective buyers to their homes.  Real estate staging for a house allows buyers to view the property as a "home" and not just a empty shell. Many people shopping the market have a difficult time visualizing a space without the current homeowners belongings or stying tastes.  Staging simply "sets a neutral and inviting backdrop" for a better shopping experience. 


Liz Pensiero Staging and Design is experienced in staging everything from an empty dwelling to an occupied home. Prepared with a  variety of resources & inventory at our disposal, we will treat each unique space & budget with careful attention to detail; in order to maximize space and property aesthetics.


Social Media and online resources play a huge part in home shopping and real estate buying today. Most first impressions are made as buyers are online. A neglected property speaks volumes online. Staging a home will show your property in the most flattering light through the lens. Some rooms may show differently online than in person. Photostyling will make sure that your home shows beautifully online and in print.


Liz Pensiero Staging and Design team members will be onsite with the photographer to ensure that all props and design elements are in the right place for the best photo angles. The photographer and stager should be able to work together cohesively resulting in beautiful pictures designed for marketing your property.


Benefits of Real Estate Staging

- Increase the likelihood of selling

- Helps you begin the packing process

- Justify your asking price

- Shows buyers a well maintained home

- Helps potential buyers envision themselves in the home

- Creates an overall great first impression

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